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About: The Creativity is a free accidental newspaper dedicated to the anonymous creative worker. The Creativity was produced by Sandberg Institute, the Institute of Network Cultures (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and the Centre for Media Research (University of Ulster). The newspaper was officially presented at the MyCreativity convention on creative industries research, which took place 16-18 November 2007, in Amsterdam.

Colophon: Editors: Mieke Gerritzen, Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Geert Lovink, Sabine Niederer, Ned Rossiter. Editorial Assistance: Shirley Niemans and Matthijs Rutten. Translator: Laura Martz. Design: Hendrik-Jan Grievink. Print: Drukkerij Boesenkool, Castricum. Circulation: 10.000

Mieke Gerritzen, Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Geert Lovink, Sabine Niederer and Ned Rossiter (eds.), The Creativity, Amsterdam: Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur, 2007. Order a free copy by emailing: books@free bet casino 2019 www.kayserisosyal.com